In the past, dogs have been helpful to people in their work as there is not much transportation and also pieces of machinery and tools. That is why work is made is done manually. Dogs have become an integral part then of the human’s life. One of the works that dogs have made is to pull carts or anything that was made to contain something that is for sale or one that was bought from the market.

Dogs act as the carriers and they are helpful so that deliveries could be made. There is also the service dogs which can help people with a disability, visually impaired or people with handicapped. They are proven to be helpful. You also include the therapy dogs which provide comfort for people who had become incapacitated and lost hope and happiness. They can also serve as rescue dogs wherein they will help in finding some missing. They can also be used to find cadavers like in a disaster.

You can also find the herding dogs or the sled dogs. There are also dogs that were trained for the show as the circus. If you also like hunting, a hunting dog is a good companion. There are also the dogs that were being used by the police or military. They were trained as attack dogs or as dogs who will find illegal drugs. They are useful when in the public as guard dogs and so people bring them when they will go somewhere that could be risky.