In everything, there are myths that go together with them. That is because people can make their own observations and they can share those ideas. They then can spread to others and people could make that as fact and could be carried out from generation to generation. If they were not verified using a process that is acceptable by the society, they would remain as facts. In the side of dogs, they also exist. Let us know some of those who were found as myths.

One is that you can tell that your dog has a sickness when his nose is dry and also warm. This was not true in all circumstances as simple things could affect the nose temperature. But if you notice more visible signs like cracking and continually dry nose, that’s the chance to consult the vet. Many also say that dogs have a cleaner mouth than you. If you will know what are the things your dog eat, it is a clear sign their mouth is not cleaner than yours.

A wagging tail means happiness. It is not always true as it can also mean frustration or nervousness. When it comes to food, dogs are not like wolves in terms of the types of food they eat. They do not eat only pure meat but they need the ones specified for them for their health. They can also eat vegetables and raw meat could harm them. Do not leave them also in your car in hot weather. A rack is not enough for them to breathe so do not leave them inside your car.