Dogs are common to become pets for people but they are also good to be trained to work. Dogs had been used as a help in many countries for many purposes. Dogs had become a great help. They could be working dogs according to their breed or according to how they were trained. Dogs are smart animals and so they could be trained. Working dogs are not chosen for their particular breed as any could be trained by the owner.

Working dogs mean the ones who help in the farm work. They could be the one who helps a rancher in his work. They could be the one who helps in the herding of animals. Animals could be attacked by wolves and so they need protection. Dogs in this time are there to be able to drive away wolves or in the case of the country Namibia, the cheetah. Other working dogs are used also to help in hunting. They had been a companion for many hunters for how many years.

Others would classify dogs that perform in shows as working dogs also. As they perform for their master on shows that is why they are given the title working dogs. But others classify them as service dogs so that they would be distinguished. There are also the dogs that are part of the companion dogs but others do not consider them. Working dogs are more seen as the one who pulls sleds as a means of transportation and one who helps in the housework and others.